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Google Maps

Google Plus (Google Maps) is the most cost effective solution for a small business to gain first page exposure, as you may know Google Plus pages are free – but getting them on the first page is no easy task.

That’s where we come in, with clever optimisations and content creation we aim to get your Google Plus page ‘ranking’ for your services in your area, resulting in that coveted first page position and exposure when a potential client searches for what you do in your area.

Just over 91% of our customers pages rank in the top four map positions, can you afford to miss out on this wealth of potential local business ? If not, give us a call today.

Bing Local

So, you’ve got paid positions on Bing and Yahoo with us ? Why not cover all bases, and completely dominate the search engine.

Users attribute higher positions, and frequent mentions to higher credibility. So why not take an extra spot on the first page ? Besides, if you take another spot on the first page, that’s one less for your competition right ?

Bing Local works great in conjunction with our paid listings, putting your company in front of every single user searching for your services in your area, twice. We’ll manage and enhance your page for you too, to ensure it looks fantastic whenever a potential client is searching.

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