Bing Network Listings

MarketMe specialise in Bing Network advertising which encompasses 4 of the 5 largest search engines in the UK (Bing, Yahoo, AOL, MSN). Advertising works by putting your business in the top 4 positions on the search engines with your allocated keywords.

You choose the keywords and locations that will best fit your businesses needs. We can put your business in front of competitors at the precise moment people are searching for what you sell and the services you provide.

Here at MarketMe we offer a fantastic fixed fee package scheme. We tailor the package to suit your needs, agree on the duration of your listings, and offer a bespoke quote. This price is all you pay for the full duration, no paying per click, no monthly fees, no hidden costs – and no contracts.

Google Adwords

We highly recommend that our clients choose the Bing and Yahoo network – however we do still offer our fantastic services on Google too. Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and getting a top position on the first page is often a goal for companies advertising on the web.

Our paid listings offer instant results, enabling our clients to leapfrog the competition in just a few hours and take a top spot for their services in their area.

If you would like to discuss your Google Ads requirements get in touch today. If you would like to see our other, more affordable methods of getting first page exposure on Google – visit our Local Search or SEO service pages.

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