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Glen Morris

Managing Director

Glen is the founder of MarketMe. A business owner for 9 years, who has single-handedly built MarketMe from a small one-man business to the success story it is today.

Glen got where he is today with a lot of dedication and arduous work. Behind him, he has 14 years of Digital Marketing experience.

Glen started out like most taking up different marketing jobs, quickly realising he had a talent for this line of work he built up his own company training a number of staff with the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Zoe Grant

Office & Account Manager

Zoe is a bubbly enthusiastic member of our team, like all great women Zoe multi-tasks and handles two important jobs in our office. To customers Zoe is an account manager, she ensures all her clients – both existing and new, are well looked after throughout their tenure with Market Me.

Zoe has worked in marketing her entire working life, building up an impressive 14 years experience in PPC, SEO, Social Media and Web Design.

Lisa Mahoney

Sales Manager

The tell you how it is’ character in the office. Lisa is the offices sales manager and trainer, she motivates the team of sales staff ensuring they keep up with high company standards and provide clients with the digital marketing expertise they need – as well as training new sales staff to a high standard.

Lisa is a qualified Digital Marketing expert, holding accreditations from the Bing Network which consist of extensive training in PPC and SEO, she also knows a great deal about social media and web development!

Head of Design

Gareth is the lead web designer and developer at MarketMe, with over 12 years commercial and freelance experience in the industry.

Gareth is responsible for the day-to-day running of all our client websites, as well as overseeing all aspects of design, development and SEO. Having worked with businesses and individuals across the world, he has vast experience in Design, Development, Wordpress, Ecommerce and SEO.

Debbie Saunders

Business Development Manager

Debbie is an experienced Business Development Manager at MarketMe Ltd who works together with solopreneurs, CEO’s and executives to help grow their professional and personal brands.

Debbie has been in digital marketing for almost twenty years and has gained further experience in the retail sector running her own successful business for eight years.

Samantha Featherstone

Business Development Executive

Samantha has over 20 years’ experience in Digital Marketing and Customer Services.

Samantha spends her days speaking to businesses about their paid search campaigns and setting up reviews to help clients get the most out of their SEO, Google and Bing Ads.

There is always something new to learn and no two days are ever the same. Samantha enjoys speaking to new people and loves that we are helping them to grow their business.

Laura Morris

Office Administrator

It’s obvious that a passion for marketing runs in the Morris family, as Laura is Glen’s sister!

Laura has been involved in the Bing network since its inception in 2009, she has seen the network grow and change over the years, picking up an immense amount of expertise along the way. We believe there is truly no one more capable than Laura at handling our customer's Bing advertising campaigns.

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